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Eckermann Vendor Statements (EVS), established in 2010, has rapidly grown to become a leader in the industry by providing a timely, trusted and, above all, accurate service to all clients.

Given that EVS has a large number of specialised Form 1 staff members, there is no reliance on a single person or a few key people, ensuring that the quality service can be delivered to clients all year round without interruption or delay. As an added advantage, where necessary the team at EVS has access to the support and experience of Eckermann Steinert Conveyancers and Eckermann Commercial Lawyers to ensure accuracy and attention to detail, no matter what the transaction.

EVS was established for two predominant reasons:

  1. to relieve the burden of Form 1 preparation and certification from Agents, allowing them to concentrate on what they do best, marketing properties and facilitating transactions; and
  2. to provide additional comfort to Vendor’s that specialists were preparing the Form 1 documentation on their behalf, given the serious consequences that can result from defective Form 1s.

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